Our company, in collaboration with other technical offices, offers highly qualified consultancy services to the cement, lime and chalk industries on treatment of raw materials.

In particular, we offer:

•  technical and financial studies, project feasibility studies;

•  industrial engineering of plants and sections of installations, calculations of static and dynamic loads on foundations for civil works calculations;

•  technical drawings and information for water supplies, compressed air, methane gas, power supply, etc;

•  basic electrical data and instrument P&D ;

•  3D drawings of installations and relative photographic service;

•  technical and economic assessment for the purchase of new or second hand machinery;

•  quality control and dimensional checks on equipment carried out at suppliers' premises during the project construction or recuperation phase;

•  commissioning at suppliers' premises of equipment purchased;

•  dimensional control of civil works prior to casting of reinforced concrete (mill bases, vertical and rotary furnaces, bases for equipment and machinery, structures, warehouses, etc;

•  start-up and final testing of the machinery;

•  personnel training.







P.I. Studio di Rota Gianfranco
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