Since 1970, the owner and managing director of the company has worked as a technician for the foremost Italian cement industries. Over the years he has acquired extensive experience in the industrial design and engineering sector, and also as a sales manager.


Since it was founded in 1990, PI Studio, has done business with almost all the Italian cement industries, private and public, working on the construction of new cement-works and restructuring of existing installations, providing assistance both in Italy and abroad right through to the commissioning, testing and start-up phases as well as handling personnel training.



Work completed includes:

  Tunisia : revamping of cement-works and transformation from wet to dry processing with construction of pre-calcination tower;

  Santo Domingo : building of a new cement factory, cap. 2000-2500 tpd;

  Morocco: dust-laying installation for eight milling lines, capacity 110-130 t/h per line;

  Albania: Hot gas filtration installation coming from rotary clinker furnace;

  dust exhaustion plant  and cement furnace line with Lepol grid, capacity 1300 Tpd;

  Sacking installation with rotary sacking machines and shipment of loose cement;

  Port terminals in different Italian ports;

  Dust laying installations for foundries.




P.I. Studio di Rota Gianfranco
Via Cornella 14, 24019 Zogno BG